Valentine interlude: week 5, day 5

On my day off last week I went to see “The King’s Speech” at the Midtown Theater. While I waited for the showing, I sat down at one of the tables and picked up a book the cafe has lying around instead of the usual magazines. It was a collection of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. This poem was in the section called “Love” and seems to have some connection to the day.

Enjoy, but it takes reading several times. I still only grasp pieces of it. That’s what is great about poems: you chew on them and turn them around and sleep on them. Which, for those of you who are working through the “Unbinding” prayer journal, is a bit like what we are doing with scripture.


That I did always love,
I bring thee proof:

That till I loved

I did not love enough.

That I shall love alway,
I offer thee
That love is life,

And life hath immortality.

This, dost thou doubt, sweet?
Then have I

Nothing to show

But Calvary.