Trying some small stones

There is a challenge by two writers at “River of Stones” for people to write a “small stone” every day for the month of January.  Their definition of a small stone is a “very small piece of writing that precisely captures a fully engaged moment.”  It’s a great invitation.  It can be a gift to pay attention to the present when we live in a culture that demands we be doing several things at once or thinking ahead to the next steps to come.  To commit to writing something down is not only a way of appreciating that moment but a welcome discipline to notice more carefully what is freely around us.

Since winter is not my favorite time, too often I just want to get through January—not stop and notice it!  Besides, I have a busy month coming up, and I wonder if this small stone writing will encourage me from becoming too frazzled. I’m told that Luther said the more work we have to do, the more time we need to pray.  For me, I think the small stones can be a way of praying and appreciating.

So you can hold me accountable and check here everyday (!!!) for a small stone and possibly another tidbit or two.  Maybe you would want to try it too. One doesn’t have to be a “writer” to do this.  Feel free to post your small stones in the “comments.” Since this blog is primarily about walking the way of Christ together, I hope that pausing to write and read the small stones will contribute to that purpose as well.

Meanwhile there are more stories from the journal about the 2008 D.C. to Pittsburgh walk, so they will be interspersed among the January river of stones.


  1. Love this Elaine. I will follow your progress. Blessings in 2012

  2. I will try! I will definitely read!!