Playing on the Trail (Psalms on the Trail)


These surprised beauties in my garden are doing what flowers should be doing at night—resting from all the photosynthesis and pollination that goes on during the day. And I am resting too.  I am taking two weeks off, mostly for vacation.  This time I will be backpacking on the AT in New Jersey and New York.  The weeks of rain have finally turned into some promising beautiful weather.  But no matter: backpackers hike for the most part in whatever is given.


When I hopefully return to this blog on June 6, I’ll 20160516_204405

continue with Psalm 128.  There are only 23 psalms left.   Now is as good a time as any for you to practice doing some psalms on your own.  Draw, write, memorize, sing, photograph, dance, walk, pray them.  You know the routine now.  🙂  Happy psalm trails to you.



  1. HAPPY HIKING. Blessings on your journey.