Pillow Day

Today was one of those early service worship days when I thought I was working hard at communicating a reasonable sermon, but it felt (to me) like my words were bouncing back off an invisible wall. So I worked harder to try to grab strands of interest, but I think it got worse. Everyone looked so tired. Eyes were closing and yawning mouths were opening. In fact, most people looked plain exhausted. And they are. They are working hard to keep their jobs, and they are dedicated to participating in their family activities, and even in the congregation they are trying to get things cleaned and ready for the big Centennial event in May. What more can they do? Maybe today they just needed someone to pray for them, give them the Lord’s supper and send them down for coffee or home to a pillow.

Yes, that’s what I wish I could have done. After all, even Jesus would sometimes tell his disciples to drop everything and come away for awhile to pray and rest. But I didn’t do that, and some weary people left worship just as weary as when they walked in. Of course, I’ve had days like that too. Here’s praying that some of those exhausted ones get the good rest and renewal they so desperately need. Only then can we think about what walking the water way with our Lord Jesus means for tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm. I would have liked a pillow this morning. Can’t complain, though. Seminarian preached, and youth led almost everything else. Feeling carried by the gifts of the community is almost as good as a pillow…

  2. Well, I hope a few felt carried, or at least know they are carried by the Spirit.

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  4. You hit it on the head!!!! The world always is throwing us curves, sometimes the most horrible. Now the global & national issues are effecting us so much more than they used to. Issues most always ignored or were oblivious to, which were took for granted would be cleared up & they normally were. Now so much more staring us in the face. Yes, the jobs, loss of homes, loss of income to provide basic necessities! Tired.. Yes,…. Weary,… Yes! Now more than ever, weary or not, Our reationship with the LORD, Prayer, Talking to HIM, Our coming together to Worship, our fellowship, the Smiles, are so important. Carried You ask Pastor, Yes, And the landing was smooth as silk.

  5. Joe, I’m about ready to go out and walk the dogs and pray for our tired congregation…tired world.

  6. While reading a devotional the other evening, I came across, Matthew 11:28,29,30…. It reminded me of this blog I read. We need to remember not to try to take things all on ourselves, (work, projects, health issues, family, friends) he is always there waitng to help us, we just need to ask