More steps (John 9 continued)

The last step of the blind man seeing in John 9 was when Jesus found him right after he had just been kicked out of his congregation (synagogue). Jesus then told the man plainly what the man had been gradually coming to see along: that Jesus was the “son of man,” another name for God’s messiah. The man believed Jesus on the spot and worshiped him as Lord. It feels like, after all the struggle the man had been through, that he fell into his deepest faith in Jesus with relief and joy.

Step by step he went: from being blind to physically seeing, from a growing understanding through struggle to worshiping Jesus as Lord. It happens in our lives too: various, sometimes very slow steps of being healed (physically and emotionally), of growing in faith through daily struggles, of sometimes having the courage to speak up for what Jesus has done for us, of bumping into Jesus’ grace-filled presence and seeing more clearly. The process is different for each one of us. But this remains the same: Jesus heals. Jesus is our Lord. Once we were blind. Our sight is improving. One day we will be out of the tunnel and see clearly.