Feed My Sheep

I am preaching on John 21 on Sunday where Jesus tells Peter, “Feed, my sheep.” I’ve been thinking today that we take that word from Jesus too “spiritually” sometimes, as if it only means teaching and telling people about the Lord. Of course, that is a hefty part of it. But Jesus did more than preach and teach. He also healed and, yes, fed people too. I just read an interesting article in the May 19 Christian Century entitled “Sunshine-powered” by Norman Wirzba. He lists seven things you can do to further sunshine economy, ensuring that healthy food is growing 50 years from now. I know one of my friends last summer told me about a local co-op for vegetables which helps local farmers and cuts on fuel costs from far-away delivery. My daughter-in-law would be proud of me if I participated in eating healthy and saving the planet. I also think it qualifies under Jesus’ command to “Feed My Sheep.” Some of you now know the direction that the message might go on Sunday.


  1. i AM proud! Eating is an act of every day spirituality. Praise Jesus for local small scale farmers who not only feed God’s sheep, but also care for God’s creation in a very practical way!