Circling ways

Today I was on my “way” to visit older friends from the congregation who haven’t made it to church in a while, mostly because in summer we are only having one service at 9:30 a.m.—too early for them to get moving. Driving there to bring them the Lord’s supper they’ve been missing, I was thinking about the “way” and that Jesus is the Way. What does it all mean?

“Lord, prepare the way,” I prayed. “Let me follow your way into their home and hearts.”

Then quickly the prayer shifted as I shifted lanes in traffic, “Lord, let me prepare your way into their hearts.” Who’s preparing whose way? A circular process.

Once there, my friends and I talked for a while, longer than any of us meant. We talked about family (theirs and mine) and the congregation…all things that we have been praying about. (I know these two Christian friends take prayer very seriously). And I prayed for them before we shared the Lord’s meal. Only it didn’t stop when I said “Amen.” One of my friends jumped in and prayed for me! (That’s not something that often happens in my home visits, although I need prayer; that’s for sure.)

So who prepared the way for whom. I’m thinking that a lot of circular ways were prepared, but certainly my friends prepared the way for the Lord to enter my heart today.