Words on a page

For the first time in a long time I did not say the gospel reading in worship this Sunday by heart. Partly because the reading was a conglomeration of several verses from John’s gospel (about the Holy Spirit since it was Pentecost Sunday). Partly because I was too tired and distracted this week. As I read, it felt like pulling the words from sticking to the paper and trying to push them unsuccessfully out into the congregation. Silly, I know, but sadly the words seemed to stay stuck where they were right there in my hands, in spite of trying to put a lot energy in my voice. Maybe I’m the only one that noticed that I didn’t have to trust God for the Word this morning like I do when I dare to say it from practiced memory.

I’m reminded of something I wrote last year:

Moving In

When I
see the
Word on
the page,

it is flat and black…and thin.

But the Word in
memory roams my mind
with substance and shape, though still
elusive, ever changing, exploring
the rooms of my soul.


  1. Yes, the Word is waiting to be taken from the page. It becomes glorious colors as we take it into our hearts, minds and souls. May the Word never cease to make you explore it’s depth and meaning as you journey along the water way each day.

  2. It is always fun to see what friends the Word brings into conversation. Thanks for your blessing. I an trigued by the part about the word taking on colors…

  3. Hmmm…seems hard to edit one’s own comments. I meant to say “I am intrigued…”