Window Times

There are lots of things we are called to do as people who follow Jesus, but near the top of the list has got to be praying with folks at “window” times, those places where we need to pull the curtains aside and view signs of God’s activity in our lives. The circumstances that push us to prayer vary: from trying and frightening times to grateful and blessing times. We peer through the window, longing for the presence and strength of God to meet us in illness, death, loneliness, a loss of a job, or even a painful argument with someone close to us. Or maybe our prayer window is full of gratitude and an awareness of God’s shining gifts pouring into our lives: a long awaited birth, a new found love, meaningful work finished, a day off, rain for the garden, food for the table. Many prayer windows are meant to be shared. In fact our faith in Christ gains energy and courage, joy and peace when our prayers are not shouldered alone, but are shared with two or three (or more) looking together. It never seems to fail: when I need it most, one of my window-gazing friends will call me on the phone, send me an email, or stop by to ask if there is something they can pray about. I need my Christian friends to point out the windows to me. In fact, sometimes when I am looking through the window for the presence of God, it is my friends that I see. What about you?