We’re adopted!

About a month ago ago someone—I can’t remember who now—shared a video on facebook that I haven’t gotten tired of watching.  It is called “I Like Adoption.”  I like this video for several reasons:  it is done by a non-profit organization promoting generosity ( http://www.ilikegiving.org ) and giving of all kinds is a good thing to support in our world.  I identify with the video because we are blessed with a daughter and a niece who were born in India and adopted—something that has been a delightful life journey for our family. But I like this video because it also reminds me of God and how God (the Parent) is with us (God’s children).

Watch it and see what you think about the God metaphor: I Like Adoption

After all, in baptism  we re adopted by our generous God, so generous in grace that God acts on our behalf before we are even aware of it.  God chose us even with all our disabilities and dysfunctions and woundedness.  God gives us life.  God offers unconditional love and sets us free to be who we were created to be—not perfect, but free.  God gives us an identity as part of a faith community.   Can you imagine what the children in this video will likely grow up to be as adults?  I think that is what God hopes for in our faith communities—that we will grow up in love and acceptance of one another, that we will be generous in sharing gifts and resources, and that we will always know things are not important compared to the people who are our friends and neighbors, sisters and brothers in faith.  That’s the kind of family we’ve been adopted into.  And I certainly hope our faith communities have laughter.  Tears too.  But there is certainly space for generous joy and laughter with such a generous God.