Welcome to my new blog location

Welcome to my new blog location with my own domain name!  We were able to collate all of the material from the two Walking the Water Way blogs.   (I started the second one when the first one started acting up.)  Now everything is back together under one blog.

A little history:  I started the first blog when I returned home in 2008 to tell the story of  my sabbatical walk on the C&O Canal Trail/Allegheny Passage (D.C. to Pittsburgh) while memorizing the Gospel of John.   Long after the story of that adventure was told, I am still blogging.  That’s because in the act of writing I often learn where my next step on this faith journey needs to be;  you keep telling me the posts are helpful for you too.  Now, in April of 2015, I will be going on another sabbatical adventure and will blog throughout so that you can follow.

IMPORTANT: If you want to follow Walking the Water Way with email, you will need to resubscribe your email address — see the email subscription in the sidebar. When you subscribe, you will get an email with the title: Follow Walking the Water Way. It will have a link that you must click to activate your subscription.

If you used the old site in a way that is not now available AND you like that particular feature, don’t hesitate to comment or send me an email at elaine.dent.pa@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading my blog.



  1. Kathy Calhoun says:

    as u do the AT w the Psalms, are you using a”book”, like a breviary?

    • Hi, Kathy. I will just be reading (actually, often chanting) each psalm from my pocket NRSV New Testament and Psalms. It is small, compact, light-weight and (alas) fine print. Our congregation has a way of singing the psalms that is quite simple and usually a lot more fun than simply reading. In fact, we also often have a psalm refrain at the beginning and end of the psalm as well as a few other places. The refrain is a phrase taken from the main theme of the psalm. I have been experimenting these last 2 weeks with making up my own refrains. I can see myself humming them along the trail after each psalm break. I have also copied down the psalm prayers for each psalm from “Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship” published by Calvin Institute for Christian Worship/ Faith Alive/ Brazos Press. Psalm prayers often conclude the reading/singing of psalms in liturgical worship. They help connect our appreciation of these Hebrew prayers with our knowledge of Christ. Wish I could bring the whole book which has lots of wonderful hymn settings of psalms, but I can’t lug it up and down 100 or so mountains.