Thinking on the way

I am reading “The Jesus Way” by Eugene Peterson. After reminding us that Jesus said he was the “way,” Peterson talks about how “way” can be a metaphor for so many things.

So how does “way” as a metaphor fit into my life?

I have a way ( route) that I go to work in the morning (Route 15) and a different way home in the afternoon (Lisburn Rd).
I have a way (transportation) to go to work…in my Chevy Impala.
I have a way (routine) to get ready in the morning: I feed and walk the dogs, water the plants, eat my breakfast and take a shower.
I have a way( trait) of encouraging people and a way of trying to see things from different points of view.
I have a way (style) of preaching, and a way of getting my work done.
I have a way (method) of interpreting scripture which is sometimes different from how other (Lutheran) Christians interpret things.
I have ways that I care for others.
I have a way of eating, a way of shopping, a way of studying, a way of praying, a way of handling the dogs, a way of hoping for the best.
And I have a way of failing God (and others) time and time again.

In other words, there are many different “ways” that make up our lives: ways of habit, preferences, places, means, belief, behavior and attitude. We are who we are by this unique combination of ways through which our lives move.

What then does it mean that Jesus claims to be our way? The way to turn? The way to live? The way to love? The way to imitate? The way to believe? The way to God? The way to understanding?

What do you think? What does it mean to you that Jesus is the way?


  1. Jesus is the ONLY WAY, period.

    Hmmm, funny you ask this. Thinking about just a few weeks back, I slowly started doing things on my own without him, (don’t ask me why?) or should I say with less time spent on the Word, things didn’t go to well. Then I caught myself, no wrong again, HE caught me, HE showed me. He, Jesus, Is the Only Way. Think about it….. The we start the day…..the way we attend to our jobs, the way we attend to family & friends, the way we take care of our pets, the way we handle things when something does not go the way we planned, ….. (it goes on & on), It comes down to this, it just goes to show you (well, me for sure) Veering off from his way does not work well at all,…..JESUS’s Way FIRST in “everything” we do, is the ONLY WAY.

  2. Reminds me of the song: “I’ll Do It My Way” Yes, I need to be reminded that there is another way…

  3. In all our ways, which means all our undertakings and intentions, we need to acknowledge Jesus and He shall direct our paths. I need guidance in everything I do and the only way I can achieve that is to tune into the the Holy spirit’s guidance. I want to follow God not just in one thing but in everything. He is the only way!