Sabbath 6: Reminder to myself

Before the sun gets a running leap,
make sure you breathe the cobalt blue,
and bless the One who kept your
heart beating through the night–
yours and those you love
and those you don’t
or won’t yet.
Who knows?
Perhaps in
the blessing, the
Holy One may stretch
your rousing soul as wide
as sun is high by noonday;
what once you scorned could cradle a new friend.


  1. Did you write this poem Elaine!
    All your posts always give me some food for thought and I learn much from them.
    ‘A man will be commended according to his wisdom’ and wise you are indeed. Keep blogging!

  2. It wrote itself on one of our vacations days…I am still tinkering with it. It is a good sign when I am finally rested enough to attempt to tap into creativity again…music or writing. Thanks for your comment.