Sabbath 1

It is vacation and play time…2 weeks of it! With all the extra work getting ready to leave, some of you have noted that it’s been over a week since I posted anything. Don’t give up on me. Finally I have locked the office door. Finally the bikes, the books and the food are all packed into the camper for an early departure. Depending on my playful writing mood and our finding a place with wireless to hang-out, I might check in with gleanings from reading or photos from simple adventures. Meanwhile, here’s a quote from a funny litle book a friend gave me (Some Kind of Ride by Brian Andreas):

I only do this until I get dizzy
& then I lay down on my back &
watch the clouds, she said.

It sounds simple
but you won’t believe
how many people
forget the second

God’s peace to you this fall evening.