River of small stones

Thus, the river of small stones has come to the end.

Each day (almost) in January, I have written a short description of  a moment when I have been attentive to what’s going on around me.  (Check previous posts.) The challenge was given by two writers at “River of Stones” for people to write a “small stone” every day for the month of January.  Their definition of a small stone is a “very small piece of writing that precisely captures a fully engaged moment.”  It’s a great invitation, but I added to it.  I allowed whatever small stone I observed to form a prayer.

What has this experience taught me?  First, the engaged moments have invited me to pray for things that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.  That’s been pretty cool.  Secondly, I am mindful of how many of my most attentive moments have come on the morning walks which are part of my prayer time.  Therefore you have heard a lot about birds and sky and the like.  Thank you for your patience.  But finally, I also have become aware of how hard the discipline of writing is, and I have a new respect for writers who sit down to the task of communicating every day through the written word.  Thank you, writers around the world.

Now, on to being a pastor….(which includes much attentiveness and frequent writing.)


  1. Your posts were wonderful, and highlighted for me that I am not very disciplined about writing at all! Communicating through messages…yes. Writing about being fully attentive to a moment…not so much!