Red-wing neighbors

This is an amazing morning! Not only has God loved the world so much, not only are we born from above each morning, but today the red-wing blackbirds have arrived in the back field. As the sun was coming up, the glossy black males were perched in the bare trees overlooking their feeding ground while the brown females hopped among the lower branches. I would have walked right past them except their excited, raspy “konkareeee” call stopped me still. You know how you don’t realize you were missing something until you suddenly find it again? And then when you find it, all of a sudden the world seems to fall into its right place? I will never know where exactly the red-wing neighbors have been for five months, but it doesn’t matter. They are back this morning and won’t stop singing until after they have accompanied me being born from above/born anew (John 3.3)many more times.