Psalm 150 (Psalms on the Trail)

Psalm 150“Let everything

that has breath

praise the Lord.

Hallelujah!”  Psalm 150:6



At the conclusion of the 500+ miles of walking the Appalachian Trail down the spine of  Virginia, I also concluded the third round of praying through the book of Psalms.  The very last verse of the very last psalm reads, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Hallelujah!”  In the little pocket New Testament and Psalms that I had carried in my pack all that way, I wrote:  “A fitting conclusion for the sabbatical.”

Why fitting?  Because the monk at the Abbey with whom I spoke before my journey had said that praying psalms throughout the day, every day, had become like breathing to him.   Because I was painfully aware of my physical breathing during climbs when my body begged for more oxygen.  Because throughout the hours of hiking, I often breathed my meditative breath prayer.  Because the “everything”  that has breath had become so much larger after 500 miles of meeting new people, sleeping in different places, seeing such variety of plants, animals, sights and sounds.  Because my eyes had glided past millions of trees exhaling oxygen into our atmosphere.  Because over 500 miles God’s Spirit with the help of Psalms had breathed new spiritual life into me.

Now this venture, “Psalms on the Trail,” comes to a conclusion.  I am grateful for those of you who made the journey with me.  Some of you read all 150 posts.  When the daily discipline of meditative writing waned in these summer months for a number of reasons, you understood and encouraged.  This was truly a venture for me as challenging as hiking.  It was also a fun endeavor to link photos of the trails with verses of Psalms.   Since I process, learn and understand as I write, these 150 posts were a new journey of discovery for me.   And I learned from your comments—-thank you.

I have learned that many of you used “Psalms on the Trail” as part of your devotional routine—or at least you did until I became more sporadic over the last two months.  My prayer is that God takes you on your own ventures and endeavors and discoveries as God communicates to you through scriptures and creation and the stuff of daily life.

I also know that routine is helpful in talking and listening to God.  If you are at a bit of a loss of how to continue your daily scripture communication with God, perhaps you would like to check out .  It doesn’t have photos, but it does have music and meditation on scripture and I use it regularly as a part of my prayer life.

Meanwhile, I will continue posting on this blog a few times a month.  You won’t miss anything if you subscribe to the blog via email.

Thank you for being my companions and trail buddies on this “Psalms on the Trail” adventure.

Your sister in Christ,



  1. Well done, good and faithful writer!!

  2. Have been anticipating 150, but sad we are at the end. Guess I start at 1 again and see where the words lead my meditation. Thank you for the beauty of your art and words to help us all contemplate on these sacred texts. Where to next?? 😉

  3. Wonderful to reflect on how these ancient words speak to us. Thank you for reflectively immersing them into our world. 😇

  4. What a feat!

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart and thoughts through the Psalms. So helpful and enriching! The pray-as-you-go website (app) you mentioned is still part of my usual morning walk routine.

  6. Brenda holston says:

    I came into this journey after I met you at the Harrisburg Choral Society concert in May. I jumped on the trail and continued reading as the posts came up. As a day hiker on the local sections of the trail I have enjoyed your pictures and reflections about other parts of the trail. I find myself reflecting on the Psalms and praising God while I hike. I’m planning to read through now from day 1. Happy trails. Blessings to you and your congregation.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these posts.. I’ll start at psalm 1 again. A new day a new journey.