Prayer journal: week 1, day 4

Today the “Unbinding the Gospel” prayer journal invited us to notice how much Jesus was on the go walking from one place to the next. It was suggested that we go walking for our prayer today.

Now I love walking, but by the time I get home on a Sunday afternoon I am a bit of a zombie. I usually want to curl up with a book until I quickly fall asleep. But because the “unbinding” group is praying for one another, and because we are trying to make a commitment to follow through with our prayer journals, I dragged myself and the two dogs outside for an afternoon walk.

Feeling the bright, warm sun was good. Breathing in the chilled air help clear out the ache in my head. Breathing out some of the worries I brought home with me left me more balanced. Counting the weeks until spring brought hopefulness. I actually had the thought that I should walk and pray on more Sunday afternoons. It helped put the morning to rest and set steps for the coming week.

Actually “putting the morning to rest” is not true. After all, the morning was full of good worship and God’s word. Why would I want to put that to rest when it is supposed to be guidance and strength for the week? So let me reword this. The walk helped me sift God’s gifts of the morning from the more trivial worries that clutter up my focus and blind me to the grace in this day. The walk helps me bring the heart of worship into the coming week. There!