Prayer journal: week 1, day 3

Today in the “unbinding the Gospel” prayer journal, after reading about a weary Jesus’ compassion for the crowds (Mark 6:30-44), we were invited to check out the news and pray for someone we read or heard about. So I prayed for the 13-year old boy in Australia swept away in the flood when he told rescuers to take his younger brother first. And I pray for the younger brother who will grow up knowing the preciousness of sacrifice. I pray for the Pakistani government official who will not back down in speaking against the blasphemy law (punishable by death) and for advocating free speech, although his life is now under a death threat. And I listened fascinated to NPR’s featured recording about to be released (“Bach: A Strange Beauty” performed by Simone Dinnerstein), and was reminded how healing music is. So I prayed for musicians during these hard times, that their song would encourage. And I pray for music at St. Paul, that it too will bring healing, hope, and renewal of faith.

I cannot do anything about the Australian floods or the danger in Pakistan. But maybe it is time to tune the autoharp and begin to take it around to home visits like I used to do. And maybe it’s time to practice piano again; my husband has ordered some euphonium/piano music that is in route from California. Making music can be an act of compassion, just as a weary Jesus stepping off the boat into more crowds was an act of compassion as well.