Playing with fire

Okay, all you people who will worship at St. Paul, NC, on Sunday (and any others of you):

I’m giving you a heads up. We’re mixing up the lectionary (i.e. scripture readings assigned for a given Sunday by the larger Church). Jesus will talk about fire (that dangerous part is in the lectionary); but the intruding renegade story is about Elijah playing with fire. And the big question is: What do the two readings have in common?

If you want to get a head start and give me your opinions, the Elijah story is found in 1 Kings 18:17-46 and Jesus’ words are found in Luke 12:49-56. So what’s similar about Jesus and the Elijah story?

And if you get stuck, each day I’ll add a clue to the comments…unless, of course, your ideas beat me to it.


  1. Geez, this is like Homework!!! 🙂

  2. Exercising those spiritual muscles!
    Strengthening the core!

  3. Clue #1 for the first thing the two readings have in common: a word that rhymes with “mire.” (Too easy?) Now the purpose of the “-ire” in each reading might be different…that’s for you and me to figure out. Suggestions welcome.

  4. Clue for a 2nd thing the 2 stories have in common: Did you check the weather today?

  5. Answer #1- Fire (thx for the clues,lolol!)
    The purpose of the fire is evident in the Kings reading. The fire produced by God made believers out of the nonbelievers as well as sealed the fate of the 450 “prophets”!
    The purpose for the fire in Luke, (I read both a TNIV & Standard Revised versions), it seems it is not exactly spelled out. Still, perhaps, the fire is the cause of the division of families, some believing in / accepting the Lord, & some not?
    Sooooooo, fire could be the catalyst in both readings to make believers / Christains out of Mankind.

  6. Another thought on “Fire”- It can be anything which makes a believer out of mankind. In this case it is fire.
    Hmmmm, what kind of fire can I light to spread the word to those I am acquaintanced with, in my day to day travels?

  7. Alright Task Masterette,…..

    Answer #2- Rain. Actually I forgot about the 2nd clue when I was going through both readings trying to find a similiarity.

    And Praise our Lord for todays’ rain. The last 3 weeks, every other day, Madison & I have been swimming in the yellow breeches to get relief from the sweltering heat. I have slowly watched the creek, in such a beautiful landscape, get lower & lower. (as well as our grass @ home getting browner & browner) So here comes the rain, The Lord, to recharge everything. Are not his creations so amazingly beautiful!

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  9. Great comments, Joe. I especially am intrigued by your saying that Elijah’s fire made believers out of non-believers. Cool. The fire of Jesus’ love makes believers out of us non-believers 🙂 hey, I’m going to have to change the draft of my sermon!!!! And the rain, so thankful. Not the lightning though. It struck Filey’s Lutheran a mile from my house and burnt it badly. But the rain water is a precious gift for a thirsty ground. Okay, at least 2 more similarities…

  10. Okay clue for the 3rd thing in common: The opposite of peaceful is…

  11. Ok, here we go, Answer #3- Trouble / Division.
    In Kings, Elijah was accused of causing trouble. In Luke, Jesus announced he was bringing division.

    How’d I do?

  12. Hey, you got it. We usually think of Jesus bringing peace, not conflict. Am thinking through that one.

    4th clue: What’s offered on an altar?

  13. I see the conflict as some will accept Christ as their savior & some will not, thus the division of beleifs which always leads to trouble.

  14. Answer #4- After rebuilding the Altar in the name of the Lord, He offered the sacrifice of a Bull.