It doesn’t take long for hiking muscles to get flabby.

I’ve walked the dogs most mornings, but have had only two longer hikes all season…and those were only lengths of six and eight miles.  That is definitely not something to brag about if one is a committed walker.  In fact, it smacks strongly of lack of commitment.

So tonight I’m packing, and tomorrow I’m heading for a day hike on the Appalachian Trail north of the Cumberland Valley.  Into the day back will go food, lots of water, first aid stuff, sun screen, insect repellant, journal, pen, binoculars (can’t let my observation skills get shabby too), camera, cell phone, rain jacket (just in case) and a few other odds and ends.   I hope to get an early start and get back late in the afternoon.

Soon those flabby muscles will be blissfully aching.