This afternoon I sat on a canoe launch eating a very late lunch of take-out won ton soup. No, I didn’t have my canoe with me, but I did begin the process of easing into a week’s vacation. Easing in while currently on empty, that is. May has brought hours of physical therapy for the elbow, not sleeping well from a sore throat and cough, organizing worship for the congregation’s centennial celebration, two funerals of two dear church friends, concerns for some who are seriously ill, an energetic confirmation Sunday, and a self-imposed daily project of reading, writing and praying about evangelism.

But this afternoon I began to lay those things aside, and I watched particles drifting in the current: young sycamore leaves abandoned too early by mother trees, a sole dandelion seed with its tiny mane of fuzz, browned fronds shed from locusts, blades of grass shed from lawns, an army of wild primrose petals. While my eyes followed nature’s debris coasting towards the river, my mind begged to join in with the disconnected drifting too…for a few days.

So I will. Even in the midst of planned activities and a nephew’s wedding, there can be quiet moments and a quiet mind. How convenient that my nephew’s family loves the outdoors. Yes, I am going to lean back and float, listen to the Big Thompson River, and allow a seven day sabbath to seep some energy back into me. Even God needed a sabbath. See you when I get back.


  1. Elaine, I wish you a peaceful and rejuvenating time of rest and healing.


  2. A very nice way to ease into your vacation.

    The widerness, a creek or a lake (creeks are my favorite.) Nature at it’s best. I find when I am hiking or strolling along, or in a creek with Madison,(my black Lab), I am so at peace. So close to Our Heavenly Father.

    When not at work, church, working around the house, that is where you will find Madison & myself. Some days, it is all day, a lounge chair in the shallow area, a lunch & relaxation.

    See you when you get back