It’s about time to start joining all you bloggers out there, especially folks at St. Paul Lutheran. This is my attempt at a beginning, and here is my purpose. A large portion of my week’s work is preparing and praying about the week’s message. But a Sunday’s sermon is not about my ideas but about all of us wrestling with God’s word in our lives. If anything real happens on Sunday, it doesn’t stop with the “amen, ” but keeps on tugging at us during the week. What’s real is an idea that won’t let go. A question that keeps haunting. A conversation with a co-worker that reminds us of Jesus and Nicodemus’ banter. It’s your way of looking at the scripture that is different from what I said from the pulpit. It’s the honest talking back and forth about our struggle to follow the way of Jesus.

We have to make a beginning somewhere. So let’s start with Nicodemus’ question, “How can anything be born after having grown old?” I hear his question and think of all the ways I feel old: I’ve never sent a text message. I still write in my journal by hand. My body creaks and aches if I stay in one position too long. But mostly I wonder in what ways my Christian walk has gotten into an old rut. What am I taking for granted? What ways of thinking don’t work anymore? What aspects of my life need renewal? Some of us have been Christians a long time. What are some of your thoughts when you hear Nicodemus’ question?


  1. Welcome to the 21st Century. I have to think on your question before replying.

  2. Congratulations, Jacques, on posting the first comment. Looking forward to many more.