Back at it

Okay, vacation is over. I’m back at work. Thanks to all of you who have been patient while I have not been posting. Camping is not conducive to internet activity. While I am ready to be back at it again, I will miss the reading I got to do…hours of it under the trees accompanied by the aroma of campfires. I seem to be reading books about walks (see earlier post) and am currently working through some by Peter Jenkins. Has anybody read about his adventures traveling? But now it is time for me to leave the PA mountains and start reading what’s for Sunday: John 5.1-20. Take a look at it. What are some questions that pop up when you read it? For example, one of my questions is: Is it a bad thing or a good thing that the man told the Pharisees that Jesus was the one who healed him? Jesus didn’t heal everyone at the pool; just this man? Why him? Now, what would you like to ask the narrator? Stay tuned to see if I find any answers to these questions or to any of your questions.