On the brim of a mountain
amid smaller mountains, I lean back
against the not young, not so old pine,
her photo in hand.

Circling winds stir branches and
I sense our subtle swaying,
bone and wood together, over shed needles
resting on soft ground. I’ve become a grandmother,

not so old, no longer young,
brimming with awe for the smallest,
youngest, dearest Ella,
while the very earth is shifting underneath.


  1. How precious are the little ones! Amazed at the power of their presence. In one moment, they change our lives forever 🙂


  2. What a wonderful tribute to your new granddaughter!
    God has given you a precious gift, and you and Rick will, in turn, be precious gifts to Ella as Grandparents who will love her unconditionally. What joy you will share with one another! May He bless you with many years of happiness together!
    With Love and Congratulations,

  3. So happy for you and feeling blessed for your joy. Enjoy every moment.

    Joyce Snyder