A new venture

Well, we did it. We are new partial shareholders in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. That means we go to the farm and get a bag of fresh veggies weekly once the crops start coming in,probably the first week in June if we have a little sun. It means conversations with the farmer and others who want to eat healthy food. We will learn that our supper table depends directly on the sun, rain and soil. We maybe will purchase some happy free range chicken eggs. The farm works along environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture guidelines. We can even do some work on the farm, a new kind of community. Jesus’ word to “feed my sheep” has lots of implications, but for me today “feed my sheep” has something to do with doing my part in ensuring that my great-grandchildren and the world they will live in will have local farms to grow enough food. Theologically it is about making choices to care for the community and the stewardship of creation. Being a part of the Shared Earth Farm is a tiny step, but as a Christian the small steps matter.


  1. Yeah! I’m so excited for this new venture in your life. Thanks for caring and for thinking about my children’s children. Keep us posted on the many new things that you learn along the way!

  2. Yes, well, we may have to learn to like kohlrabi and turnip, not to mention okra.