A beautiful gift

Today I received a gift…a very beautiful gift from an anonymous donor. It is a hammered  dulcimer.

I use to have a hammered dulcimer a couple of decades ago, but the wood warped, split and the instrument, therefore, became useless.  I had never became fluent in playing it and remained a beginner.  But a dulcimer, as its name implies, has such a sweet sound.  It was fun to do simple things at worship with it.  Even at my basic proficiency (or lack thereof), people loved it.

There is a lot going on in my life and work, so recently I have felt pulled in many directions.   Bemoaning the fact, a partner in prayer has been praying with me that, in spite of all that is going on around me to pull this way and that, I might be able to make choices that keep God and wholeness remaining at the center.  

And so the dulcimer arrives, begging to be tuned and practiced.  Begging to be a part of worship in a few weeks when we are singing to an Irish melody.  Begging to become (re-become) part of my life.  Is this one more thing pulling at my attention?  Another demand for time?  

Or, here’s the other possibility: as a result of our prayers, is the dulcimer, in fact, the answer to prayer?  Is the dulcimer God’s centering invitation to relax, to play, to love, to delight, and to share with others? 

Maybe I’ll begin to find out this weekend.