9th day of Lent

I learned something new about blogging. I started yesterday’s post on Tuesday, but didn’t finish it or post it until Thursday…the true 8th day of Lent. However, the date in the heading of the post says “Tuesday.” So just in case you are very observant about such things and are therefore confused by Tuesday being the 8th day of Lent and Friday being the 9th day….such is the way of blogs. Moral of the story for the blogger: Don’t try to get a head start.

Also, for those who care about liturgical trivia, Sundays in Lent are not counted as part of the 40 days of Lent. (Does that mean if I give up chocolate for Lent, I can eat it on Sundays? 🙂 Sundays are always celebration days, celebrating Christ’s resurrection, that is.

Now for what I really wanted to say today. Recently our foster daughter of many years ago connected with us again through facebook. She is an expert in American Sign language…her native language, so to speak. For three years we learned the basics of ASL from her. As part of our congregation’s discipline to learn the two great commandments by heart, and as part of the children’s message in worship, we are learning the American signs for some of the words in the text. Of course, it is helping us grown-ups learn too. I was always getting confused about whether the order of loving God is with all our heart-soul-mind-strength… or is it heart-mind-strength-soul…or what is it anyway? Getting my body working with me on this memorization project helps my brain cells increase their storage capacity. And anything along that line helps.

By the way, a website where you can check out signs is at http//www.signingsavvy.com/