30th and 31st days of Lent

I think I’ve decided that posting everyday is probably not for me, although I have surprised myself by realizing that when I just start typing, not sure of what to say, something comes out that I hadn’t thought about before. The daily grind helps me, if no one else.

Nevertheless, if any of you have been reading everyday, I am slowing down a bit.

Tonight our congregation finished our Wednesday night series on loving God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving neighbor as ourselves. We considered how saying these two commandments has not only helped us live them more deeply, but ironically, it has caused us to realize how frequently we fail to live up to them…how frequently we fail to love God and neighbor with heart, soul, mind, and strength. Saying these 2 commandments throughout the day is double pronged: pointing out failure, but encouraging more than we thought we could do.

It’s all typical of disciples like Peter, this funny mix of failure and spiritual growth, so we shouldn’t be surprised. But after a few weeks of telling stories about how the “Jesus Creed” was helping us live our lives differently, tonight we simply acknowledged how saying the “Jesus Creed” also reminded us of how we have failed to do so as well.

And that’s the funny mix of being followers of Jesus. Growing in Christ means being able to admit failure as much as accomplishing new growth.


  1. Oh, so very true!