20th day of Lent

In the countdown of Lent, we are half way there.

Halfway to where? To 40 days?

To where God is leading us in this time of learning by heart what Jesus named as the two greatest commandments.

By now we have it memorized. By now we have tucked it into our hearts. By now it is becoming routine to say it at various times in the day. By now we have begun to share stories about how it is affecting our daily lives.

We have talked about how the 1st commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength is based on the Shema which all Jewish people, like Jesus, knew from Deuteronomy and were commanded to recite and teach to their children. So I thought you might like to read a blog I follow. It is written by a rabbi who is a new mother of a little son, and who in this post writes about the mezuzah containing the Shema that she hung in her child’s room.