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A burning bush kind of question

I have always had a bit of trouble with the story of Jesus calling the disciples.  Jesus says, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of people” —and they just jumped out of the boat and followed. Really?  Where are the suitcases, and backpacks?  Didn’t they have families to support?  We know Peter had a […]

Pilgrim on the way

A pilgrimage is usually a journey  to a sacred site. It is done with a purpose and often is a spiritual quest.   It involves separation from home and ordinary life.  Frequently a pilgrim walks to the destination, living simply.  Popular pilgrimage sites, for Christians anyway, include the Holy Land, the Camino de Santiago in […]

Is it worth it?

It would be helpful if I were writing a sermon.  Or writing a confirmation blog post. Or writing the annual pastor’s report.  I will start doing all those things tomorrow. But it is, after all, my day off.  After a four mile, cold walk with a backpack (not far enough for a real workout),  I […]