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Winter solstice

  I decided, while walking and observing this sycamore in the fading light, that the winter solstice makes a much better day to celebrate a new year.  The winter solstice in the northern hemisphere marks the shortest day of the year (or the day with the least sunlight and the longest night).  In the southern […]

On the horizon

Pilgrimage. This blog began with a pilgrimage almost seven years ago now.  I walked from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh, PA, while learning the Gospel of John by heart….a journey of more than 300 miles.  When I returned, I began to reflect on the journey by posting on this blog (here are my reflections) not only to […]

Festivals and such

Tonight begins the Festival of Lights or Chanukah, the Jewish celebration of the rededication of the second Temple at the time of the Maccabean revolt in the 2nd century BCE.  Compared to the Festival of Lights, our family’s recent  gathering, which we called the “Festival of Stuffed Things,”  sounds much less spiritual and much more […]

When we are honest

I am falling in love with the psalms.  I even have  been trying to preach about them (or with them) through Advent this year.  Why? They can be so fascinatingly  and provocatively honest!   Unfortunately, sometimes when we pray we think we have to be polite to God.  Perhaps we have been sucked into the […]