Archives for May 2014

Welcome to Camp

Rick and I have moved to a new neighborhood—that is, our camping trailer has moved, not our home. We have parked the trailer for the season in a campground about a 25 minute drive from our house. In some ways we are different from our new neighbors. Our trailer is quite small compared to our […]

Some things are slow

Some things are slow.  Some things are simply better slow. Last spring I started day hiking the Appalachian Trail near my home in south central Pennsylvania.  I meet plenty of fast, jack-rabbit thru-hikers (Georgia to Maine in one trip) and enjoy my conversations with each of them.  They are serious, determined and focused.  I admire […]

Welcome to my new blog location

Welcome to my new blog location with my own domain name!  We were able to collate all of the material from the two Walking the Water Way blogs.   (I started the second one when the first one started acting up.)  Now everything is back together under one blog. A little history:  I started the […]

Circles on a still pond

Oh my!  It’s been about six weeks since I have posted anything, and that’s not supposed to happen for a consistent blog.  Part of my hiatus was caused by the Holy-Week-Easter effort. Then came the pastor’s post-Easter exhaustion and inertia.  Then Rick and I became preoccupied with moving our camping trailer to a permanent seasonal […]