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Sunday morning with a little holy imagination

It’s been a hard week at St. Paul.  We’ve lost 2 friends—at least in this old creation:  brother with a wry sense of humor born in Scotland and a gentle, always encouraging sister. It helps when we’re missing them to see the bigger picture.  Walter Brueggeman, a Lutheran theologian and biblical scholar, writes the following: […]

Sunday morning musings

This past week began on a lovely spring day with evil exploding in Boston.  In our shock we scrambled to ask questions:  Who set off the bombs at the finish line?  Why, why did they do it? When will they be caught?  Who are the victims?  We wanted answers; we had to know.  On our […]

Surprising discovery

I spent last week attending a conference presented by PRIM (Presbyterian Reformed International Ministries) held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   One of the best parts of the week was that I got to lodge and eat meals with my granddaughter.  How good is that? Add caption But why did I go?  What […]

Not a normal Easter

I have been involved in worship leadership either as a pastor or as a church musician since 1978 and have never missed an Easter.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever missed being in church on Easter anytime in my six decades of life…until this past Easter Sunday. No flowers.  No singing of “Jesus […]