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A balm for all wounds

I had a few spare minutes before driving to work this morning, so I picked up the book that I was too tired to finish last night: Etty Hillisum:  An Interrupted Life and Letters from Westerbork.  Etty Hillisum was a Jewish young woman, an avid reader, a tutor in Russian, who lived in the Netherlands.  […]

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

You know how some people have additions to their person that they can’t leave home without?  My son once had a red baseball cap for a couple for a couple of years that he wore almost constantly.  A couple of guys in our congregation simply can’t worship May through September unless they are wearing their Hawaiian […]

Where I come from

I have been participating in a Lenten retreat with Jan Richardson.  This week the theme involves thinking about stories, including our personal stories.  This is a piece of my story, much is left out, based on my growing up years.  Of course, it is also based on a few threads of the story that I happen […]