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TV blasts and waiting room clash

Today I sat in a waiting room while my husband was having out-patient surgery.  We had never been in this facility before because fortunately we haven’t had to make surgery a habit.  The room was about the size of a large family room in a very big house.  Chairs surrounded the outside parameters. A large […]

So why?

So why would I want to walk  the American Discovery Trail through three states (or maybe 4, who knows?)  Why can’t I just do some walking around here?  Walking is walking and it would certainly use less gas getting to and from the various parts of the trail….and making less of a carbon footprint is […]

On to the ADT

                               On the way from Sandy Point State Park to Annapolis, MD It seems to me that since Epiphany (the celebration of  the wise men from the East journeying to see the Christ child) is only two days away in the […]

A New Year’s prayer

Family and friends (whether or not we’ve met face to face): This is one of my favorite prayers from the Lutheran hymnal. It seems fitting for a new year as unpredictable as ours.  A colleague has taught me to add the “joy” part and I have; given God’s love, there is always joy in our […]