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Advent Day 2: Rejoice!

“My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,” sings Mary. (Luke 1:46-47) Now when I think of rejoicing in God, I think of it in more formal terms.  You know—like a large choir and trumpets.  Or the quiet, profound rejoicing of communion.  Or maybe an occasional celebratory standing ovation.  “Rejoicing in […]

Advent Day1: Magnificat, magnificat, magnificat

So, as I was driving from Virginia to Pennsylvania yesterday, I listened to a recording of the Magnificat by Rutter.  I thought it would be a good break from memorizing Mary’s song in Luke 1.  It was being sung in Latin, and my Latin is tenuous since, after all, it has been a very long time […]

Twas the night before advent…

Twas the night before advent and today through the long drive of 300 hundred miles home, I worked on memorizing the “Magnificat” or Mary’s song from Luke, chapter 1.  It is a beautiful hymn that has been sung by the Church through the centuries. As Luke tells it, Mary is  pregnant with Jesus and rushes […]