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On a day off

What do pastors do on a day off?  Laundry?  Often.  Errands?  Frequently. Lawn mowing? Sometimes.  Checking in with family?  Of course.  Hikes?  Not enough. So Friday I headed up to a portion of the AT west, or “south” in the trail’s larger scheme, of the Susquehanna River .  I climbed up a mountain and walked along a […]


It doesn’t take long for hiking muscles to get flabby. I’ve walked the dogs most mornings, but have had only two longer hikes all season…and those were only lengths of six and eight miles.  That is definitely not something to brag about if one is a committed walker.  In fact, it smacks strongly of lack […]


A few weeks ago the local public radio station dropped its music programing and went to 24-hour news and talk shows.  The shift did not make the headlines.  In fact, even I, who listen to the station regularly, was only mildly affected those first days.  I tried to take the change in stride and sadly […]