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Chapter 14: Signs (part 2)

(I have been waiting along the road for my husband Rick to pick us up in the truck from our day’s hike, but he somehow sailed by without seeing us.  We are left on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage to reach him. This is a […]


On the brim of a mountainamid smaller mountains, I lean backagainst the not young, not so old pine,her photo in hand. Circling winds stir branches andI sense our subtle swaying,bone and wood together, over shed needlesresting on soft ground. I’ve become a grandmother, not so old, no longer young,brimming with awe for the smallest,youngest, dearest Ella,while the […]

Chapter 14: Signs

From the journal on the long walk from D.C. to Pittsburgh while memorizing the gospel of John. The story continues. Wednesday, April 30, 2008:  Hancock to Cohill Station Signs can be important. There are different kinds of signs along this towpath.  There are brown, square wooden posts, one every mile along the trail, with the […]

A beautiful gift

Today I received a gift…a very beautiful gift from an anonymous donor. It is a hammered  dulcimer. I use to have a hammered dulcimer a couple of decades ago, but the wood warped, split and the instrument, therefore, became useless.  I had never became fluent in playing it and remained a beginner.  But a dulcimer, […]

River of small stones

Thus, the river of small stones has come to the end. Each day (almost) in January, I have written a short description of  a moment when I have been attentive to what’s going on around me.  (Check previous posts.) The challenge was given by two writers at “River of Stones” for people to write a “small […]

Small stone, day 31

Sitting in the group, it suddenly comes with clarity, with certainty, with joy,that there is so much work left to do, work left for me to do.Praying today:  With gratitude for the opportunities to work and serve faithfully.