Archives for January 2012

Small stone, day 30

In the middle of the city,in the heart of a busy day, over dirty concrete streets,a piercing calltwice spokenI know a hawk when I hear one;so sudden visions of northern exposureand sitka pine settelephone poles swaying.Praying today:  For wild creatures adapting to living near people.

Small stone, day 29

I walk into the living room with my cheese toast supper and discover a tardy champagne glow resting in the winter sky, still seeping into my window; so my body begins relaxing into the lengthening of days.  Praying today:  For people in the southern hemisphere who are relishing summer days.

Small stone, day 28

Two woodpeckers hammering in stereo, back and forth the drummingdances through the thawed air. Praying today:  Giving thanks for musicians who praise you.

Small stone, day 27

Outside the window sounds a constant shrill call.I look for its source in the pussy willow bush but see nothing.  When I step out the door, a disturbed hawk glides off the roof and away.The strident alarms soon settle into a conversation astwo newly visible chickadees peck at the ends of stems for seeds.  Praying today:  For all those who […]

Small stone, day 26

Contentment today isfinally to arrive home from workto sit in a warm corner,to feel the softest of yarnsslipping through my fingers, spilling a pattern of green and white.I stop every few minutes, spread my hand over the growing blanketand imagine the baby miles awaythat it will gently hold for me.Praying today:  For all babies being born—and their […]

Small stone, day 25

I pass through the cemetery up the hill on my morning walk. A mound with frozen brown roses and drenched pink ribbons pulls at me.I peer at the funeral home’s temporary sign stuck in the ground this last month.It is someone I know.Someone who showed my family hospitality when we were new in the neighborhood.I remember […]

Small stone, day 24

Spruce needles pregnant with tiny globes of waterformed from mist, growing, swelling, lingering, dropping and beginning again. Praying today: Giving thanks for fresh water that gives life.

Small stone, day 23

Where did day 22 go?  Let.s not go there; but here is day 23. A gathering is called, an email to a few dozen.Two come: I and another.That’s all.More than worthy of a drive through hills, fog and shifting expectations,to where one new friendship is cementedwith a prayer. Praying today:  For the new friend.

Small stone, day 21

A comforter of soft snow wraps my village.  This corner of the world is sleeping in.   Even the train, slowed by rail repair on hold, creeps past with barely a rumble. Praying today:  Giving thanks for the gift of rest.

Small stone, day 20

I climbed a mountain this morning—new hiking shoes grabbed limestone and dirt,legs burned, heart pumped, ears drummed,lungs scoured by brittle air.Dogs wagged tails, watched from above:  what’s taking so long?Praying today:  For the bigger challenges friends and family are facing.