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Trying some small stones

There is a challenge by two writers at “River of Stones” for people to write a “small stone” every day for the month of January.  Their definition of a small stone is a “very small piece of writing that precisely captures a fully engaged moment.”  It’s a great invitation.  It can be a gift to pay attention […]

Chapter 13: A Patch of Grass

From my journal dated Tuesday, April 29, 2008, as  I walked with my dog Chester from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh while learning the gospel of John by heart. Today I am walking from Fort Frederick to Hancock, MD.  Dark clouds race overhead, and a biting wind confronts us as we start.  I am glad for my […]

Chapter 12: Between a rock and a water place

This is a continuation from my journal of on sabbatical pilgrimage on the canal trail from D.C. to Pittsburgh while memorizing the gospel of John.  It is April 2008. Last night our camping trailer was pounded by a  rain storm, so today I am resigned to slosh through puddles and muck.  I will be working […]

Chapter 11: The pawpaw lady

This is the continuation from my journal of April 25, 2008, while walking from D.C. to Pittsburgh and learning the gospel of John by heart.  I am walking the canal trail along the Potomac river. I pause walking, captivated for a moment by a band of white lacework bordering the opposite side of the Potomac.  […]

Chapter 10- Beyond Words

This is the continuation from my journal on sabbatical walking from D.C. to Pittsburgh to memorize the gospel of John.  It is April 25, 2008….   Today starts in a different way.  I usually begin the day’s hike with my home-made prayer book open and work my way through it as I walk.  But today […]