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Chapter 3; Walking Prayer

 The continued story from my journal of the walk from D.C. to Pittsburgh, learning the gospel of John by heart.  Here I am still in the preparation phase.  It is October 2007. When I tell people about the coming walk, they frequently express concern.  Are you walking alone? they ask.  I assure them that I […]

Chapter 2: Moving In

This is from my journal, written in 2007 as I was preparing for the “pilgrimage” of walking from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh while learning the gospel of John by heart…. When I was in eighth grade, I began memorizing scripture verses.  It was the thing to do in College Baptist Church.  This was a small […]

Chapter 1: The Celia daypack

From my journal about the pilgrimage…   Summer, 2007Grantham, PA         The coming sabbatical has a vague, abstract aura about it that hardly feels like reality.  Until today.  Suddenly it becomes more tangible with the arrival of the box delivered by a brown truck with ticking blinkers and a fanfare of barking dogs.  […]

Looking forward and back again

There are times in one’s life where a pause brings sudden clarity.  For me it usually happens after a tediously long time of uncertainty and self-doubt, of not seeing a clear way forward and then finding oneself suddenly across a new threshold.  One such pause moved me  forward with farewells and godspeed in a new […]

Set free?

(Exodus 11-12)  God told Moses to go back to Egypt to set the Hebrew people free from their enslavement and oppression. Moses and his brother Aaron paid a visit to Pharoah and asked that the Hebrew people be allowed to go out in the wilderness to worship their God.  Pharoah refused and so was warned […]