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Overlooking the pearl of great price

Genesis 29 The Jacob story continues with all sorts of customs that are strange to our 21st century, western minds. You remember from the previous post that Jacob had to escape from home and journey to his foreign relatives.  Today we hear that Jacob reaches his destination.  According to the map, he has walked between […]

Laying one’s head on a stone…or one’s life on a promise

Genesis 27-28 Have you ever taken things into your own hands and ended up making a mess out of everything?  Or have you noticed a problem festering in a relationship for a long time; suddenly something was the last straw and the whole relationship blew up? In this story several fires were festering.  1) Isaac […]

A born leader? No way!

Genesis 25:19-34 We have high expectations for leaders.  But what would we expect of a leader of a new nation (called Israel) being formed to live according to God’s ways, a theocracy, a nation to worship the one God instead of all the other little local deities?  What would it take to lead a nation […]