Archives for May 2011

Winged seeds

This past week the silver maple let loose its helicopter pods.  At every puff of breeze a shower of seeds  whirled and landed with a pattering in sundry places.  Some on the sidewalk where they quickly turned from green to brown.  Some cradled in the thick grass where their little bulbous bodies couldn’t reach through […]

Church of the green grass

This past week I have witnessed and listened to a lot of weary people.  The world around us can be cold and stony.  Selfishness can be rapacious and unfair.  And people are scrambling to keep jobs with more hours and fewer staff and resources.  The pressure is on, and people are weary.  One, threatened by […]

Too crazy to hope?

Tsunamis and earthquakes on one side of the world.  On this side of the globe dozens of tornadoes wrecking havoc and death. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, alone 300 died on Wednesday night from a deadly twister, one of many in the southeast US.  In Mississippi a whole town was wiped out. And many who haven’t suffered […]