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Prayer journal: week 6, day 3

Oh, what a howling wind today!  Chester, our dog, dislikes the wind and was decidedly restless last night.  He refused to sleep in his usual spot but roamed the house and at some point ended up underneath our bed.  On the drive to work this morning, my substantial car was swaying around its lane.  The […]

Valentine interlude: week 5, day 5

On my day off last week I went to see “The King’s Speech” at the Midtown Theater. While I waited for the showing, I sat down at one of the tables and picked up a book the cafe has lying around instead of the usual magazines. It was a collection of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. This […]

Prayer journal: week 4, day 3

Isn’t there somebody somewhere who talks about God being hungry for us? Or God is hungry for our love? I’m sure there is, although I can’t place it right now. Anyway, we were invited in “Unbinding the Gospel” to read John 6 about Jesus feeding the crowd of people and then to ask Christ which […]

Prayer journal: week 3, day 4

Lutheran Christians love to sing! Singing in worship has been our heritage and one of our contributions to the Reformation. Martin Luther was the one who introduced congregational singing into the German church; before that, it had been the sole responsibility of a choir. But in order for the people to start singing in worship […]