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Winter solstice 2010

The moon plunged intothe solstice to save us,knew we were blinded bygazing at the sun too long,knew we had lost our night visionmiles back while we obsessed ondreams of white sand and sun tan oil,knew, too, that we, frenzied, weresenseless to the subtleties neededto navigate the deepest darkness aswhole people. So she rose full breasted […]

Little tree

This is a poem by e.e. cummings. The poem is lovely, but when set to music by Steven Heitzig for chorus and harp, it becomes exquisite. What is it about the wedding of good texts with music by sensitive composers that make both the music and texts even richer than if they stood alone? Anyway, […]

A week before

Praying my old walking prayer a week before a new Christmas: Lord Jesus Christ, my savior and friend… …and son of David. In Matthew 1 we hear you named through a long genealogy as a descendant of King David, and so we call you “king” and “son of David.” But my genealogy is English, German, […]

Emmanuel a-singing

To us, to all in sorrow and fearEmmanuel comes a-singing.His humble song is quiet and near,yet fills the earth with its ringing…. These words are from the middle stanzas of a newer hymn by Marty Haugan, Awake! Awake, and Greet the New Morn. I have enjoyed the hymn’s dancing tune for several advents now, but […]

Waiting out the arctic wind

Stiffened with attention. Necks taut. Normally soft ears pressed into starched triangular folds. Unblinking eyes watching. I looked up from my cup of Irish Breakfast and from the scripture reading for the coming Sunday to discover my dogs were staring me down. Bemused, I went back to reading. A few minutes later I looked up […]