Archives for November 2010

You, my child

I once studied in a community that sang morning prayer together every Tuesday and Thursday. The last song of morning prayer was from Luke 1:68-79, the song of the old priest Zechariah as he held his new baby son. In Luke’s story the angel Gabriel had announced the coming birth to Zechariah, saying that the […]

A home

A friend lost her home last week. When I spoke with her on the phone, the weariness in her voice was penetrating. Though her health is fragile, yet I have experienced her trust in God to be like a deep lake. Her home has been a place I return to for refreshing wisdom and encouragement. […]

The slow way

Some things are slow.  Some things are simply better slow. Last spring I started day hiking the Appalachian Trail near my home in south central Pennsylvania.  I meet plenty of fast, jack-rabbit thru- hikers (Georgia to Maine in one trip) and enjoy my conversations with each of them.  They are serious, determined and focused.  I […]