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Roberto Juarez: “Sweet Potatoes at the Table,” 1987, at the Denver Art Museum. Generous. It is such a wonderful adjective. I can’t locate my dictionary at the moment, but my thesaurus uses related words like open-handed, giving something of value, hospitable, bountiful, unselfish, free-giving. I think about generosity and the times I have received it, […]

Blogger quiz

We have hit a stretch of scriptures in our worship that all have to do with money and what we do with it, and there’s no way to get around it. And there are uncomfortable words like temptation, trapped and destruction in the texts too. Money was one of Jesus’ favorite topics to talk about […]

Green Mountain update

One side of Green Mountain is still green, and my brother’s house is spared from the wildfire. The wind decided not to do its predicted dangerous attack from the NW today. The “hot-shots” have done their fire fighting exceptionally well. My brother says neighbors are moving back into their homes and emptying refrigerators of spoiled […]

Perch from Green Mountain

I watched this mountain bluebird perch on the peak of my brother’s home, guarding a nest under the eaves. Take my word for it: what this bird sees looking off Green Mountain, across a reservoir and up to snowy Long’s Peak is breath-taking. For the better part of a morning, my back was turned to […]

Marked with the cross

How many crosses do you see in this photo? I don’t know this plant’s name, but what you see are the stems that are left after the purple blossoms have fallen off. I saw them last week on a hike into the Glacier Wilderness in Washington state. You could spend a long time counting all […]