Archives for August 2010

Walking the labyrinth

I’m home again after traveling about 2800 miles: by air, rented car, boat on the 3rd deepest lake in the U.S. and finally a school bus up a winding mountain dirt road to Holden Village. Holden is a Lutheran camp on the edge of the Glacier Wilderness Area in the Cascade mountains of Washington. Just […]

Playing with fire

Okay, all you people who will worship at St. Paul, NC, on Sunday (and any others of you): I’m giving you a heads up. We’re mixing up the lectionary (i.e. scripture readings assigned for a given Sunday by the larger Church). Jesus will talk about fire (that dangerous part is in the lectionary); but the […]

A piece of millennia

“Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.” Maybe it was the thought of water on a shriveled day pressed flat with heat. Maybe it was the thought that in a city (Washington D.C.) heavy with a million marble blocks and world power there could be a place where color was tossed about freely. At any rate, we cruised the […]

Food for Thought

Here’s some food for thought on a blog I follow: Have you ever felt like quitting church because of the people? Why did you stay? (…if you did) How do you articulate to others that the church does not live up to what Christ has called us to be? Or does it?

Circling ways

Today I was on my “way” to visit older friends from the congregation who haven’t made it to church in a while, mostly because in summer we are only having one service at 9:30 a.m.—too early for them to get moving. Driving there to bring them the Lord’s supper they’ve been missing, I was thinking […]