Archives for July 2010

Thinking on the way

I am reading “The Jesus Way” by Eugene Peterson. After reminding us that Jesus said he was the “way,” Peterson talks about how “way” can be a metaphor for so many things. So how does “way” as a metaphor fit into my life? I have a way ( route) that I go to work in […]

Send some rain

On Sunday we will hear Luke 11:1-13 when Jesus’ followers ask him to teach them to pray. He gives them an example of prayer and then tells a short story about being audacious in our asking. Our ‘Abba,’ he says, would only give us good gifts. In response to my knocking on my friend’s door […]

Cracks and fissures

Kathleen Norris in her book Acedia & Me (p.169) writes: We may look to physicians or therapists when our lives go off track, or we may pray the psalms, or seek solace in a favorite novel. But in a sense we are all seeking the same thing. We want to prepare a good soil where […]

Truth Telling

There are times when telling the truth is hard:~When telling the truth will bring us our deserved punishment.~When in telling the truth we must reveal our vulnerability or stupidity (use your own word for it).~When truth telling is going add the igniting spark to overly charged dynamite.~When telling the truth will hurt someone deeply.~When truth […]

Ask what you can do

The 4th of July weekend is here! Fireworks, picnics, games and friends…and, of course, celebrating the freedoms that have come about with the birth of this nation. With all its problems and mistakes, I am thankful that I live in this beautiful place. When July 4th falls on a weekend, there are expectations that our […]